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Outlining an inspiring vision for the future of motorsport in Northern Ireland. Defining how the sector can start to realise that vision, how it can address its current and future challenges, and how it can build on the opportunities that can help it build an exciting, inclusive, sustainable, and engaging Motorsport ecosystem for all – reaping multiple social, economic, environmental, and health and well-being benefits for our communities. We are a shared sport for a shared community.


About 2&4 Wheel Motorsport

For those engaged in motorsport in Northern Ireland, motorsport is in their DNA. The sport is full of committed, knowledgeable, grassroots amateur and professional motor sport enthusiasts, athletes, marshalls, volunteers and spectators – all of whom have one thing in common – a passion for motorsport and a love of the thrill and community cohesive spirit that engagement in the sport can bring.


About 2&4 Wheel Motorsport - Photography by Malcolm Beattie

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